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Continental Artillery - 1" diameter. Most original Continental Artillery buttons of this design are made of brass, not pewter. $1.25 each (bag of 50: $55)

Plain Brass - Available in four sizes: 5/8" $.65 each (bag of 100: $52), 3/4" $.75 each (bag of 100: $60), 7/8" $.90 each (bag of 100: $72), 1" $1.00 each. All have a wire loop soldered to the rear and are very thin like the originals, and have a highly polished plain flat surface. These buttons can be plated in 24kt gold or sterling silver for an additional $1.00 each. The buttons are also available in a matte/satin finish for an additional $.25 each.

Plain Copper - Copper buttons were commonly used in the late 18th C. on civilian and militia frock coats. They tended to be large, often 1 inch or 1.25 inch diameter with a soldered wire loop shank. Originals have been found in military camps, militia camps in western Massachusetts, and on original garments. Being copper they could easily be stamped or engraved with designs, as are some originals. These reproductions are 1.25 inch diameter and 0.05 inch thick - same thickness as a dime. Approx 26 of this size could be used on a frock coat: 10 in front, 3 on each pocket, 3 on each cuff, 1 on each hip, 1 on each pleat. $1.75 each or a bag of 30 for $45.

Black horn buttons, polished, 5/8" diameter, 2-hole. One surface is flat, the other is slightly domed. According to Cutherbertson it is recommended to use these type buttons on gaiters. $.50 each

Same style 2-hole button in a 1" diameter for use on knapsacks, civilian clothing, etc. $.50 each

Natural white horn buttons, 2-hole for use on shirt collars and cuffs. Available in 1/2" and 7/16" diameter. $.75 each



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