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[Hook & Eyes]Coat hooks & eyes, large and are close in appearance to originals. They are solid brass with a black finish. These measure 1/2" long by 3/8" wide. Hooks & eyes were used to close the fronts of Regimental coats along the lapels and to hook together the skirts. 4 sets/$1.00
Blackball - This is a one ounce ball made of beeswax, lampblack and tallow that was used to help "waterproof" and polish shoes, scabbards and cartridge pouch flaps. Blackball is often mentioned in 18th journals and orders as being one of the items that soldiers include in their "kit" along with extra shoe soles and heels and a brush to apply the blackball. Cuthbertson writes (pg.85, XLIII), "knapsacks...should be made with a division, to hold the shoes, black-ball and brushes, seperate from the linen..." Cuthbertson also recommends the use of lampblack and beeswax on scabbards and pouch flaps (pg.100, XXIX) and blackball on shoes (pg.114, XVII), "...every soldier should be furnished with a pair of shoe-brushes, and a blacking ball of good ingredients, that there may be no excuse, for not having at all times their shoes and gaiters extremely clean and highly polished." $3.00 Sold Out - I'll make more, but won't have it done until mid-May.

Beeswax - one ounce cake of pure yellow beeswax. Beeswax should be applied to linen thread prior to sewing to help keep the thread from fraying or breaking. $1.00

Four ounce block $3.00

Canteen Cork Stopper- a tapered 1" tall cork for canteens or bottles.
Small $0.25 each (5/8" bottom diameter, 13/16" top diameter)
Medium $0.50 each (5/8" bottom diameter, 7/8" top diameter) - fits most G.G. Godwin & T.W. Moran canteens
Large $0.75 each (13/16" bottom diameter, 1-1/16 top diameter) - fits most Carl Giordano canteens




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