Brass Belt Plates and Badges

Upon request, most items can be cast in solid sterling silver or white bronze (German silver) at additional cost.
All these plates and badges are lost-wax cast in Rhode Island
and I do the finish work (removing sprues and polishing).

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British Waistbelt/Shoulder Belt Plates - originally made for use on waistbelts, plates continued to be used when the belting was converted to the shoulder type. Two types of mounting studs were used on the rear of belt plates. The most common is two studs which pierced the leather and used a brass washer to hold the plate to the belt. A brass hourglass shaped washer with two holes was placed over the studs and then the studs were peened over. This permanently secured the belt plate to one end of the leather and I believe was used when the plate was intended to be used on a waistbelt. In the late 18th C. waistbelts were converted to shoulder carriages. This conversion probably took over ten years. When new shoulder carriages were made it appears that a new plate with mushroom head studs, which allows the belt plate to be easily removed, often were provided. Both types of belt plates have a rear hook to secure the belt plate to the loose end of the leather belt.

Brass Belt PlatesLeft: washer type stud with washer. Right: mushroom head type stud.
Belt plates for many other regiments can be made with no minimum order, however a one-time mold creation charge of $175 will apply.

[plain belt plate]Plain Oval Belt Plate, $30 Available in two sizes:
Medium - 2" x 3" with mushroom head type studs (perhaps the most common size)
Large - 2 3/8" x 3¼" with mushroom head type studs
Both are also available in White Bronze (aka Jewelers Bronze or German Silver)

Plain Brass Rectangle Belt PlatePlain Rectangular Belt Plate - 2 x 2¾", with washer type studs. $30

[GR belt plate]GR Plate, 2¼ x 3¼" oval. This may be an ornamental (non-functional) belt plate, or maybe a pouch badge, or perhaps it was used for both purposes. Four lugs are on the rear, much like the 42nd Foot badge. Original found near Lake Champlain. $30

[Kings 4th belt plate]King's IV Foot Officers Belt Plate, 2½ x 3" oval, with mushroom head studs. Silver plated. $30

4th foot belt plate4th Foot Belt Plate - 2 x 2¾", with mushroom head studs. $30

8th foot belt plate 8th Foot Belt Plate - 2 x 2¾", with washer type studs. $30
[23 belt plate]23rd Foot Belt Plate , 2¼ x 3¼" oval, with washer type studs. $30

64th Belt Plate64th Foot Belt Plate - 2 x 2¾", with washer type studs. $30

Scittusg Swird belt tipScottish Sword Belt Tip- 1¾" tall, 1 11/16" wide. The pins on the rear of the belt tip would be bent over to hold this ornament onto the leather sword belt. Pictured in Collector's Encyclopedia, pg. 226 #18 and Soldiers in America by Don Troiani, pg. 42. $25

beltplate]Butler's Rangers Belt Plate, 2" x 3" oval, with mushroom head studs. Copied from Captain Barrent Frey's original. $30

British Cartridge Pouch Badges - Many British regiments fixed brass badges to the flaps of their cartridge pouches (but not on boxes). This practice came to an end for all regiments, except for the Guards, after 1784.

[GR pouch badge]GR & Crown Cartridge Pouch Badge, 2 x 3". $30
Original found on Staten Island.
4th Foot Cartridge Pouch Badge4th Foot Cartridge Pouch Badge, 2½ x 3¾". $30

42nd Foot Badge42nd Foot Badge - the lugs on the back side suggests this was probably used as a cartridge pouch badge, 1¼" tall, 1 1/8" wide. $20

71 & 84 Badge71st & 84th Badge, 2" diameter. This might be a bonnet or cartridge pouch badge. The only difference between the 71st and 84th badge is that the regimental number is ground off on the 84th badge. Three bendable copper wire pins are soldered to the rear side. Pictured in Collector's Illustrated, pg. 225 #8 and Soldiers in America, pg. 42. Please specify which badge 71st or 84th, you want. $25

Royal Altillery badgeRoyal Artillery Cartridge Pouch Badge, 2½" high. $30 Several originals exist from finds in New York City, Charlestown, etc.

St. Barbara MedalSt. Barbara Medal, 2" high. $14 Saint Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen. On the reverse side of this medal is Saint Anna, the mother of Mary. Several originals exist with variations in design. This example was made from what is believed to be an 18th Century original.

[BR GR pouch plate]Butlers Ranger's / GR Cartridge Pouch Badge, 2 x 3". $30. Original found at Niagara.

Continental Army Belt Plates& Badges - very few ornamental pieces were used by the Continental Army.
Cont. Army Sword Belt TipContinental Army Sword Belt Tip- for belt 2½" wide, but tips can be bent inwards to fit narrower belts, as was done on originals. See Soldiers in America by Don Troiani, pg. 73. $25

Corps of Light Infantry Buckle - top

Corps of Light Infantry Buckle - back

Corps of Light Infantry Buckle- for a 2" wide belt. This was part of the equipment furnished to the Corps by Lafayette. The same intertwinned USA design is used on the sword hilts. See Soldiers in America, pg. 79. $40

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