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[Grenadiers Cap Bomb]British Grenadiers Cap Bomb, (Pewter) 2¼" high
Copied from original, see the 97th Foot Grenadier
bearskin helmet, N.A.M., London. Available plain or with 14th, 23rd, 34th, or 64th Foot engraving. $2.00

[Grenadiers Cap Bombs 23rd and 34th]

[flaming bomb]Flaming Bomb Belt Badge, (Pewter) 2¼" high
Original found near New York City and also seen on the Guards pouch belt at the Zeughaus Museum, Berlin, $2.00

British Drummer's Cap BadgeBritish Drummers Cap Badge, (Pewter) 1¼" square, $2.00

1st American (Queen's Rangers) Cap Badge1st American (Queen's Rangers) Cap Badge, (Pewter) 2" diameter. Made from an impression of the original found at Loyalist positions at Gloucester Point, VA (across the York River from Yorktown). This is not a badge of any South Carolina Reg't as they never were at Gloucester Point. $2.00.

United States Pewter StampUNITED STATES pewter stamp - copied from embossed markings on some original Continental Army New Construction cartridge boxes, this mark is on the inside flap corners and tops of each side. 3/8" x 1". $2.00

Cloak Clasps for men's and women's cloaks.

[Lg Cloak Clasp]Large Cloak Clasp, (pewter) 2". $3.00, Gold or Silver Plated $5.00

[Med Cloak Clasp]Medium Cloak Clasp, (pewter) 1½". $3.00, Gold or Silver Plated $5.00

[Sm Cloak Clasp]Small Cloak Clasp, (pewter) 1¼". $3.00, Gold or Silver Plated $5.00

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