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My backlog of hat orders has come to the point that I cannot
accept any further orders for hat blanks or completed hats.
Please don't write or call and ask if I am now making hats.
I will update this message when I can again accept hat orders.

Visit www.CockedHats.com for authentic hats made by George Franks.

To order any Hat or Helmet Accessories: click on this PDF icon and follow the instructions on the top of the page.
Hat and Helmet Accessories Order Form.pdf.

Hat Stiffening
If your existing hat is becoming a bit droopy it can be renewed by:
· Let the brims down and brush out the loose dirt from the felt.
· Make a mixture of 1 part shellac (white or orange 3 lb cut) to 2 parts denatured alcohol.
· Liberally brush the mixture to one side of the felt. It should quickly absorb into the felt
· and not lay on the surface. Allow to dry thoroughly (about 8 hours).
· Repeat to other side of felt. Apply additional coats if desired.

Hat Band or Cord: are functional, with tassels, won't dangle over edge of hat unless specified. The 3/16" diameter cotton and linen cords make two loops around the hat crown, the 1/4" wide mohair tape and metallic lace make one loop around the hat crown.

Black or White cotton hat cord $6.00
Black linen hat cord $8.00

Black or White mohair tape. The standard overall length is 42", which includes the 2" tassels. The standard size works for medium size cocked hats. If you wish a 4" longer tape so the tassels hang over the brim, or you have a extra large hat size, please specify a Long tape on the order form. If you wish a 5" shorter tape for use with a round hat that has narrow brims, please specify a Short tape on the order form. $10.00

Silver or Gold metallic lace $25.00


Horsehair Cockade - Cuthbertson (pg. 80) writes, "Hair cockades are strongest, and of course fittest for soldiers" $20.00 each Rectangular or Rosette (Available in Black only)

Silk Cockade - Available again - $20.00 each Rectangular, $15.00 Rosette (Available in Black only)

[Horse Hair Cockades]For comparison:
top cockade is horsehair,
bottom cockade is silk.

For comparison:
left cockade is silk,
right cockade is horsehair.

Rectangular cockades are approx. 5" wide and 4½" tall. Rosette cockades are approx. 4" diameter.

[Silk Cockade]Alliance Cockade, black & white silk for Continental Army.
Rectangular $30.00 each
Rosette $25.00 each
[Ostrich plumes]Ostrich plumes - to embellish hats and helmets. Approximately 18" tall. Available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, or White. $3.00 each


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