Haversack Strap Detail

Rear of Strap and Haversack Top Rear Corner.
These photos were taken with the original haversack laid
on top of the Osnaburg linen used to make our haversack kits.

Rear of Strap & Haversack Corner (a better look at stitching)

Note how the haversack and strap is whip stitched
together at the side edge. The edge of the flap
is also whip stitched.

Front View of Strap & Haversack Top Corner
The stitching forms a box around an inner X stitch pattern.

Front of Strap & Haversack Top Corner - close up.
Note how the stitching forms an X within the box.

Strap Front and Haversack Top Corner
Note how the top edge of the haversack is whip stitched to the
strap, just like the side edge.

Strap Front & Haversack Corner Showing Whip Stitching

Detail of Strap & Haversack Whip Stitching


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