British 29-hole Cartridge Pouch

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Pouch made with a rounded outer flap as on the Fanning pouch.

The 50th Foot pouch flap is "shield shaped".

The storage area under the block and thin wood floor is visible.

British Enlisted, 29-hole block - These are reproductions based on two nearly identical pouches: the 50th Foot pouch in the National Army Museum, England and the Fanning pouch in his descendents family collection in Nova Scotia. Edmund Fanning commanded the King's American Regiment, a provincial regiment raised in New York. The shoulder strap of this pouch is marked "62" suggesting that it originally came from the 62nd Foot.

The 50th Foot pouch has a block held up by two screws in the sides of the pouch, and nails in front. A gusseted pocket flap allows access to the ample space under the block. A thin piece of wood lays in the bottom of the pouch to help hold its shape. This pouch does not have a tin tray.

The Fanning pouch is the same pattern as the 50th Foot pouch, but was modified probably in the early 1780's. This pouch has a block which rests on the partitioned tin tray underneath. A gussetted pocket flap is on the front of the pouch, but there isn't any access to the tin tray contents because the sides of the tray do not have an opening. The pouch flap has rounded corners, and holes from the removed regimental pouch badge are visible. These features are in keeping with the 1784 Warrant which mandates a pouch with a rounded flap and removal of pouch badges. The sides of this pouch show the holes which at one time held the screws that supported the wood block. At some point the pouch was modified by removing the screws and placing a tin tray under the block, limiting the capacity of the pocket to what could be stuffed between tray and pocket flap; a few flints, a rag, etc.

Other original British pouches have features such as a brass catch & hook, and/or a simple front pocket when the pouch has a tin tray under the removeable wood block. Unlike the gussetted pocket flap, the simple pocket is an additional piece of leather sewn to the pouch body and doesn't offer access to the inside of the pouch. This is the same type of pocket as used on the 36-hole reversible block pouch.

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British 29-hole Cartridge Pouch
A) with leather button closure, and gussetted pocket
B) with leather button closure, simple pocket, and tin tray
C) with brass catch & hook closure, and gussetted pocket
D) with brass catch & hook closure, simple pocket, and tin tray
All pouches will have the shield shaped flap unless the round flap is specified.

Tin Tray Brass catch & hook  

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