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Good day and welcome to our reproductions home page.

On the following pages are many items of use to Revolutionary War period reenactors. For those who don't know us, we have been active in Rev War reenacting/living history for quite sometime. Roy since 1976 and myself, Debra, since 1982. We are currently members of the 40th Regiment of Foot, Brigade of the American Revolution (Roy was former Inspector), British Brigade and Company of Military Historians. Over the years we have examined many original accouterments and other period items in private collections and public museums. This knowledge was combined with experience in traditional leatherwork, hat blocking, sewing, and finding correct materials so we could make accurate reproductions.

Some of the items we offer are pictured in Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution by George C. Neumann and Frank Kravic, and other well-known reference books. Where applicable we have noted the book, page and figure number in the item description.

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[CD buckle] Buckles for Cartridge Boxes,
Waist belts, & Slings
[BR-GR belt plate] Brass Belt Plates and Badges
[Cloke Clasp] Notions: Cloak Clasps,
Dorset Buttons, Hook & Eyes
[Granby Lace] Lace: Worsted Wool and Metallic
[Heel plate] Shoes, Heel Plates, Hob Nails [Clamp Vice] Musket Tools
[Canteen] Canteens & Boxes [Officer's Hat] Hats, Cockades & Epaulettes
[DH Hook] Miscellaneous [Sword piece 15] Sword Parts
[] Buttons, Buttons, and more Buttons
Due to the number of buttons that we reproduce, we have only pictured them in rough graphic form. Please return in July 1998, when better graphics and descriptions of the buttons will be available.
[] Special Images Page
This page has images of items that have been requested for viewing.
Items on this page will be changed every month or so.

To contact us regarding the items you view on the following pages and/or to request a catalogue, please click here.
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