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Sleeve links, also known as cuff links or sleeve buttons, were very often used on 18th century mens shirts. Hundreds have been found on Rev War military sites. The shapes vary widely: oval, cats-eye, octagonal, and round. The sleeve links I make are copies of originals in three private collections. Some of these cuff links had remnants of gold plating in the recesses of the design.

On the originals that I examined the wire that joins the two buttons is a loop of either copper, brass or bronze 17 gauge (.045") round wire. To make the loop, cut the wire to a 1 1/8" length and with two pairs of needle nose pliers form the wire into a loop or oval approx 1/2" x 1/4".

I offer sleeve links as sets which are completely made up ready-to-use, or the buttons can be bought individually so you can make your own set. Besides the pewter sleeve links, I have the Wave design sleeve links made in solid brass or solid sterling silver. The pewter buttons are $.50 each ($1.50 gold or silver plated), the sets $7, and gold or silver plated $10 per set. The Wave design is $15 in brass and $25 in sterling silver.

I don't always have all the gold or silver plated sleeve links in stock, so please tell me your first, second, and third choice on any plated set.
Cuff Link - Flower style Flower .68" diameter Cuff Link - Palm Tree stylePalm Tree .55" x .73"
Cuff Link - Octogon styleOctogon .45" diameter Cuff Link - Quatrefoil style Quatrefoil .61" x .80"
Cuff Link - Starburst style Starburst .58" x .78" Cuff Link - Victory Ship style Victory Ship .61" diameter
Cuff Link - Urn styleUrn .66" x .82" Cuff Link - Wave style Wave .41" x .55" (solid brass or solid sterling silver)



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