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Bias & Stand Metallic lace

1/4" Bias & Stand, Metallic lace, Gold or Silver $5.00/yd
3/8" Bias & Stand, Metallic lace, Gold or Silver $5.50/yd
1/2" Bias & Stand, Metallic lace, Gold or Silver $6.00/yd

5/8 Wave Metallic Lace 5/8" Wave Metallic Lace, Gold or Silver $8.00/yd
[Silver Bias] 1/2" Bias Metallic Lace, Silver $7.00/yd
[Gold Granby] 1 1/2" Granby Metallic Lace, Gold or Silver $12.00/yd. This hat lace is clearly seen on British officer portraits.

[Worsted wool 1/2 
	inch lace]

Worsted Wool Herringbone Lace

Worsted Wool Herringbone Lace; imported from England

Left to Right: 3/8" in Natural White or Black (not pictured) $2.25/yd,
1/2" Natural White, Artillery Gold, Scarlet Red, Yellow, and Black (not pictured) $2.50/yd

3/8" wide lace also available in a 54 yd roll for $98
1/2" wide lace also available in a 54 yd roll for $105

Left to Right: 3/4" Green, 3/4" Natural White, 7/8" Highland Green,
3/4" Scarlet Red $3.00/yd
3/4" wide Natural White lace also available in a 54 yd roll for $136

Not Pictured: 1" wide Natural White worsted herringbone lace $3.50/yd or in a 54 yd roll for $145

British Serjeants Lace: 3/8" wide Natural White straight single twill weave $3.00/yd, or in a 54 yd roll for $124

Regimental Laces


Regimental laces 1/2" wide worsted wool, Generally between 8 and 11 yards of lace is needed to loop the buttonholes of a regimental coat. Rectangular loopings use a 7 inch strip of lace and bastion loopings use a 9 inch strip. The number of loopings on a coat may vary depending on the style of coat, and some coats, such as flank companies, use regimental lace on the shoulder wings.

Caution: the regiments associated with these various stripe color combinations are correct for the Revolutionary War. The same regiment may have used another stripe color combination before and/or after the American Revolution.

Top - blue edge stripe: sold out
Bottom - red edge stripe: sold out
52nd Foot lace $15/yd

If you are looking for other regimental laces you may find them at

Worsted Wool Braid

Worsted Wool Braid 1 1/4" wide - imported from England, typically used on hat brims.

Left to Right: Gold, Yellow (1 3/8"), Navy Blue, Black, Scarlet Red, and Natural White. Scarlet Red has been replaced by 1 1/8" wide Crimson. $4.00/yd.

Natural White and Black are also available in a 54 yd roll for $183

1/4" Mohair Wool Braid Mohair Wool Braid, 1/4" wide, Black or Natural White, made in the USA $1.75/yd
Silk Grosgrain Ribbon Silk Grosgrain Ribbon - a heavy weight 100% silk taffeta grosgrain ribbon suitable for hat trim, cockades, hair queues, etc. This is not a flimsy see-thru silk ribbon.
1" wide $ 15.00/yd - available in Black or White
2" wide $ 30.00/yd - available only in Black
Linen Tape, unbleached

100% Linen Tape, unbleached, available in four widths by the yard:
1/4" $ 1.00/yd
3/8" $ 1.25/yd,
1/2" $ 1.25/yd
3/4" $ 1.50/yd

Hemp WebbingHemp Webbing

Hemp Linen Webbing. Plain weave, natural white (half bleached) color, thick and strong for canteen and camp kettle bag straps, bayonet and cartridge box carriages, knapsacks, slings, etc. This webbing is 0.10" thick, or about twice the thickness of a car seatbelt.
1/2" wide $.75/ft
1" wide, $1.00/ft
1 1/4" wide, $1.25/ft
1 1/2" wide, $1.50/ft
2" wide, $2.00/ft

Hemp Rope

Hemp Linen Rope, natural color, 3-strand twisted rope. Available in 3/16" or 1/4" diameter.

3/16" diameter 1/4" diameter
$.30 per foot $.50 per foot
$12.00 for 50 foot hank $20.00 for 50 foot hank
$20.00 for 100 foot hank $35.00 for 100 foot hank



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