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Mens Shoes - Made in Canada by Robert Land

I just received word from Robert Land that he has resumed making shoes. I am expecting the first batch next week and will bring them to the Fort Frederick Market Fair and the Mount Vernon event. When I return home I will update the inventory list.

Shoe terminology:

Shoe side viewCrooked Shoes - These mens military shoes are heavy black cowhide leather, rough side out, with leather lining, clumped soles, and thick steel heel rims. Although they look like they are straight-last shoes these are made on right and left lasts, ie. crooked shoes. These shoes are like Robert Land's Williamsburg model, except these shoes have double thick soles with heel rims. The latchets are 1½" wide. Only two sizes remain in stock: 14 D and 15 D.


Shoe sole view Crooked shoes come with heel rims as pictured.
Hobnails are not available.


Hi-Lo bootHi-Lo's - These mens ankle high shoes are heavy black cowhide leather, rough side out, clumped soles, and thick steel heel rims. Although they look like they are straight-last shoes these are made on right and left lasts, ie. crooked shoes. As of January 1, 2016 only two pair are in stock: size 7 D and 7 1/2 D. The photos are of prototype Hi-Lo's made in russet leather which made it easier to see the seam lines and details. The Hi-Lo's that I stock are black. The Hi-Lo's are held closed by a single black leather thong (not pictured, but included) that is spiral laced.

Hi-Lo's were worn by some British officers as shown in Della Gatta's painting of Germantown and Paoli, by jockeys as shown in George Stubb's equestrian paintings, and by some Americans as documented by deserter descriptions in which they are called "half-boots". For the deserter descriptions see Charles Lefferts Uniforms of the 1775-1783 ... Armies, pages 77, 113, 134, 137.


Heel Plates, steel, for affixing to the heels of your shoes, they help prolong heel life. These heel plates are 1/16" thick, and much like originals found and on display at Fort Montgomery, NY - site of a 1777 British attack on this fort on the Hudson River. $5.00/set with proper nails (ie: 2 plates and 12 nails).

Heel plates are available in eight sizes, heel rims are no longer available. To determine which size you need, please download this .pdf file which has tracings of the plates and rims, and select the size that is the closest match to your shoe heels. The heel plate sizes do not correspond to shoe sizes and are not available in any other sizes than listed on the order form. Note that 7/8 is no longer available. The stamping die for size 7/8 cracked and the factory will not replace it.

Heel Plate pdf

Shoe Repair - Do the soles of your Robert Land crooked shoes or Hi-Lo's have holes from wear, or is the sole separating from the uppers? If so I can get them repaired by a local expert for $50 (which includes return shipping in approx three weeks) so they will be stronger than when new. Your shoes must be clean, the leather must be pliable (not stiff and dried out) and not have any splits or cracks in the leather.
Shoe Buckles - I don't have them, yet. Currently the best source is G.Gedney Godwin Archeological finds have revealed there were two common military shoe buckles, one used by British and one used by Continental Army soldiers. The British buckle has been found from Burgoyne's route in upstate New York to Staten Island. Continental Army buckles have been found in many places in the Hudson Valley and one is pictured in Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia pg 53, top row, 2nd from left. This buckle also is often seen in museums such as Valley Forge N.H.P. and New Windsor Cantonment. Neither buckle is currently reproduced but someday I will make them.


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