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Our plain buttons are sorted into three types: Plain Dome (PD) buttons, Hollow Dome (HD) buttons, and the most common of all, Plain Flat (PF) buttons. Plain Dome and Hollow Dome look the same on the outside, but Plain Dome buttons are solid and heavy, whereas Hollow Dome buttons are hollow like a bowl, and thus lighter. Not all our plain buttons are pictured because most are identical except for their diameter. Moving the mouse pointer over the button type and style number will cause that button to appear in the blue box. Clicking on the type/style number will bring up a larger image of the button. Generally the larger photo will show the distinguishing characteristic of that particular button, such as the shank length, button thickness, or design feature.

For many years I have made a Lottery Coat button that was domed. That was based on an excavated example that was in poor shape. Recently several examples have been found that are in much better shape. It turns out that encrustation on the first example hid the fact that the button is flat and not domed. Thus I am in the process of making new molds for both sizes Lottery Coat buttons with cross drilled turret shanks. They will be a .91" diameter button for the lapels and a .71" diameter button for the cuffs. I do not expect to have these buttons until May 2017. If the style of shank is not of importance then my Plain Flat No. 9 and Plain Flat No. 23 buttons with loop shanks will serve as good buttons for a Lottery Coat. The sharp edges of turret shank holes can cut the thread holding them onto the coat, which is why the Pennsylvania line replaced their French made turret shank buttons with locally made loop shank buttons. Also for the coats made in France in 1778 (which were captured by the British while in transport to the USA and auctioned off in London) loop shank buttons were specified.

A complete list of Plain Dome, Hollow Dome, and Plain Flat button sizes
(diameter, thickness, and more)
is on the PDF order form. I have over 30 different 'plain' buttons.
The minimum order quantity of any specific button style/size is FIVE.
If you don't see the one you want, I don't have it.

To order plain buttons: click on this PDF icon and follow the instructions on the top of the page.
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Plain Buttons



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