British 36-Hole Reversible Block Cartridge Pouch

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Looking into the pouch. Front view of the pouch front with the outer flap opened. Rawle PouchRear view of the pouch. Rawle Pouch View of pouch front with the block removed.

British 36-Hole Reversible Block Cartridge Pouch - This lightweight and slender cartridge pouch is commonly, yet erroneously, called the "Rawle Pouch". Although Rawle patented "improvements" to this design in 1777, this pouch type was in use earlier than 1777. Two of these pouches, one with markings from the 62nd Foot probably from soldiers captured on Burgoyne's 1777 campaign, were found in an 18th century Boston building. The late Ed Charol once owned both pouches, now they reside separately in the Canadian War Museum and the Don Troiani Collection.

This pouch, pictured on page 79 of Collector's Illustrated, is a copy of the original in the Troiani collection. The slender wood block holds 36 rounds, (18 on top, 18 on bottom) with a thin buff leather cover that protects the ammunition and keeps the inverted rounds from falling out. The pouch is constructed of heavy black leather with the flap of even heavier waxed rough-side-out leather. A thin leather pocket holds spare flints, tow, tools, etc. The flap is held closed by means of a round leather button on the bottom of the pouch. Two hand-forged iron buckles on the bottom of the pouch, and a wide carriage keeper on the back, holds the shoulder carriage (sold separately).

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